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Goddesses are many in the Himalaya mountains of Nepal and Tibet. There are 108 forms of Tara alone, and uncounted others each with their own special qualities. Sometimes a woman you meet on the trail or in the street smiles and you believe that every girl in Nepal and Tibet is a goddesses.

Traditional Tibetan art is spiritual and intented to evoke the healing and uplifting qualities of the deity pictured. We offer two groups of Goddess images, pictured on the right is Saraswoti, Goddess of Education, one of a group of five different goddesses offered together: HERE.
Rice Paper Goddesses set 1
See more dragon prints set 1

Tara - Tibetan Goddess prints set 2
See more Tibetan Goddess pictures

Our second set features a standing Tara and four lesser known goddesses of Nepal and Tibet, including the Kumari, the Nepalese Goddess in a human form. To see the set click: HERE.

*One of the most beautiful prints I have seen, this may be Guan-Yin, (GuanYin, Guanshi'yin or Kuan-Yin), the goddess of mercy and compassion in East Asian Buddhism. She is nearly four feet tall. (printed in Nepal) To order click HERE.
Large Standing Goddess
See more pictures of Standing goddess



Unique Nepalese and Tibetan handmade Jewelry and Prints

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